Hiyo Silver had a great day at the machinist!

The folding table was installed on the driver’s rear door and the big final piece of diamond plate trim was placed above the sliding door. Nice to finally see no insulation where the wall meets the ceiling. The fold down table will have many uses, primary use for when washing dishes. We still have to come up with a latch for it to stow it folded up when motoring down the highway. Also pictured is Jarod the young master machinist who has helped us many times on our campervan conversion.

Step ladder and aux. fan get homes

The Maxxair fan works wonders but still when really hot outside moving even more air is desired. In that vain we carry an auxiliary 12DC fan that works a charm. It is strong enough to create an air stir across the ‘den’ and bath Poof who sleeps on that side of the bed with moving air. But where to store it when going down the road? Right behind the driver’s seat turned out a perfect location and doesn’t impede swiveling the seat or when I slide the seat back to…

A dinette for the campervan

Today was a big day! Not only the pedestal table install, but the battery box facade completed. Wait, that’s not all! The awning is in place. It is adjustable as to position and we’ll camp several times to decide the final position. More diamond plate was also installed and we are very close to finishing the trim!  

Ready for diamond plate top cap

Behind the square of ‘sticky’ diamond plate (note the blue pull off strip) is a piece of sculpted foam, an OEM part from Ram. Behind this foam is a large hole with an air bag and electronics in it. This piece of foam probably shouldn’t be removed….so how to diamond plate it? Why diamond plate it? Well the why is just cosmetics. We want diamond plate across the ‘arch’ between the living and driving areas; more for cosmetic continuity. All the diamond plate used so far throughout the trimming process…

Camera relocation #1

With the added storage pod (and I told Poof once she uses/enjoys it it will never come off) the original back-up camera could only see the back of the pod. Now it looks directly over it. A huge improvement when backing up in tight spaces. We have another back up viewing camera that is up on the roof. It’s image is sharp but it looks almost straight down–a nice view of the bicycles but we need a view looking more back than down. This camera is slated for an upgrade…